BeInstrumental is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing musical education to under-served children.

The BeInstrumental Foundation fosters music education in our community by offering resources to individual students, local school districts and charter schools through numerous initiatives, including:

  • Sponsorship of in-school and after-school music programs. We provide teachers and laond instruments, as necessary
  • Mentorship programs that connect students with accomplished musicians from the local orchestra and opera, as well as other professional and amateur musicians and music teachers, all of whom donate their time to the advancement of music education through our Artist Mentoring Program.
  • Scholarships and Grants for individual lessons.
  • Tuition and scholarships for students to attend music schools and music summer camps.
  • The Musical Instrument Bank that lends instruments ranging from horns, strings and drums to pianos without charge. These are available to schools with limited resources and on an individual basis to students who need them.
    In October 2010, BeInstrumental became a winner of the Pepsi Refresh Project, using the $50,000 grant to continue to provide musical education resources to aspiring artists.

For more information about BeInstrumental, please visit our website at If you would like to become a BeInstrumental Artist, please contact me at