Here we go!

–The solution to revenues being down isn’t to improve our ability to compete, skills or develop a unique value proposition or approach.  They hire more reps.

–We took so many different runs at Managed Services with the wrong approach that when we found the right one we didn’t go all-in & only gave it 9 months before getting out of it.

–Despite declining placements & volumes & a more competitive market (at times we discount service & hardware by 20-30% off our published pricing) due to direct ops and dealers from outside our territory opening branch offices here, we refuse to adjust our model in order to compete.  I won $300k in new business in 2015 but lost the same in existing accounts and twice as much in other new accounts.

–I’m sick of changing comp plans every year because I found a way to blow out the model & made more than the model says I should.

–I’m tired of wondering how I’m going to get paid & trying to figure out how to make deals book at the right time in order to hit the right gates.

–It took 10 months of evaluating Print Audit before joining Premier (I recommended it 4 years ago), & now we’re over-pricing it based on what other dealers in SDG are find.

–The last original idea our owner had was starting the business. They just do what the industry consultants says that should.

–I’m tired of being every other rep & manager’s info source since the dealership provides no training other that web & the free crap we get from Ricoh, & they take no initiative.

–Last year I was miserable reporting to an old school sales manager, so our VP has me reporting to him which I’m fine with, but his goal isn’t what he initially told me (to test my ideas & see if we can build something unique) but rather to take my hardware production from $900k to $1.6mm in the next few years.  That was the nail in the coffin.  I’m done trying to make a living selling people stuff they no longer need, because we focus everything on hardware and little training (and no process) for software.

–I’m tired of spending weeks on a single proposal because we don’t have tools we need to expedite that process.

-I’m tired of so much talking with no actual action & the culture of over-promising & under-delivering.  Look at the quotes from management in the TWII website articles (Biggest Challenges& Biggest Wins) the past few weeks, & you’ll immediately see how full of hot air that are.

Why Can’t We Change?

I’ve received many emails similar to this one over the years,   and all of those extremely talented reps were quota busters at their place of employment.  Great reps, great talent,  lost to another Industry because some dealers are either afraid or reluctant to change their culture.

Our industry can’t continue to lose these types of top performers, because of the inefficiencies of their employers.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of Dealers in our Industry that have excellent cultures & programs for their sales people. 

But, I believe there are just as many Dealers that are still wallowing with a culture that does not allow sales people to expand their knowledge to truly help the customer with a business problem.  Continues to plays “hide the cheese” with internal pricing programs that are revealed after the sale.   Still embraces the eighties and nineties thought process for prospecting and box dumping.  In addition for most there is no career path for advancement.

It’s my hope, that by posting this excerpt from the email that we can all learn and improve our business cultures where needed.

-=Good Selling=-